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We proudly stand against Governor Scott's $500 million tax and fee cuts for Florida’s middle class, against record state-based funding for education, against relieving the regulatory burden on Florida’s job creators, and against efforts to significantly reduce state debt.


We proudly support statewide candidates without vetting them first. We proudly fight publicly with elected officials in our own party, and stage coups to oust them when they raise money outside of our organization. Because four out of every five of our elected state legislators supported Rick Scott's budget, we fight over rules that would impose penalties on legislators who don't vote the way we want them to.


We proudly accept any candidate of any party, even with a failed economic record, to run for statewide office. And we ignore our state’s leading liberal, whose campaign we've sabotaged in order to lay out the red carpet for a "Reagan Republican."

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Our Team

Learn more about who we are.

    • Allison_Tant_130107_Fotor
      Allison Tant

      Two Words: Dysfunction Junction

      Allison Tant is the Chairwoman of the Florida Democratic Party, installed by Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the Florida Democratic establishment.

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    • daryll_rouson_team member
      Darryl Rouson

      Doesn't get along with Allison Tant

      Darryl Rouson is the former incoming House Democratic Leader and largest non-voluntary donor to the Florida Democratic Party.

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    • allie_braswell_Fotor
      Allie Braswell

      Bankruptcy Braswell for CFO?

      Allie Braswell is the only statewide candidate endorsed by the Florida Democratic Party in the 2014 election cycle.

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    • Print
      Nan Rich

      Team Member Not Found

      [Insert Bio Here]

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    The Democrat Way

    Take a look at our agenda.

    • Anti-Tax Cuts Agenda
      Anti-Tax Cuts Agenda

      Rick Scott fundamentally believes that money is best spent by the people – that government is not always the best arbiter of the…

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    • Anti-Education Agenda
      Anti-Education Agenda

      When Rick Scott proposed a budget with record-state based funding of education and teacher pay raises, we opposed it.

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    • Anti-Job Creation Agenda
      Anti-Job Creation Agenda

      Throughout his first three years in office, Governor Scott has fought to bring jobs to Florida. We stand opposed to this agenda.

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