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3 Apr 2014 | Under fdp | Posted by | 0 Comments

ICYMI: “THE PARTY OF NO IDEAS” Liberal Activist Says The Florida Democratic Party Is The “Party Of No Ideas” And Charlie Crist’s “Record Doesn’t Match His Rhetoric” Justin Snyder “An Open Letter To Florida Democratic Party- Where Are The Policy Ideas? Where Is The Grassroots Organization?” The Florida Squeeze April 2, 2014 “The FDP’s entire […]

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10 Oct 2013 | Under allison tant | Posted by | 0 Comments

Democrats In State Senate Off Of Florida Democratic Party’s Anti-Tax Cut Message WHAT DID DEMOCRATIC STATE SENATOR JEFF CLEMENS SAY YESTERDAY? Democratic State Senator Says GOP State Senator Joe Negron’s Proposal To Reduce Motor Vehicle Fees, Aligned Rick Scott’s Goal To Reduce Taxes By $500 Million, “Is True Tax Reform For The People We Represent.” “Session […]

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THEY SAID IT! – “Inability To Be Effective”

30 Sep 2013 | Under allison tant, fdp | Posted by | 0 Comments

Dem Activists And News Analysts Outline Dysfunction Of Allison Tant, Florida Democratic Party LIBERAL EDITORIAL CARTOONIST FOR THE PENSACOLA NEWS-JOURNAL ON FDP: “[T]he State Arm Of [Alex Sink's] Own Party Is So Impotent And Goofy, She’d Have To Wear An ‘I’m With Stupid’ T-Shirt At Any Gathering Of Two Or More Florida Democrats.” (Andy Marlette, “A Shame Sink Will Sit […]

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ICYMI: “Florida Democrats Have Simply Been The Party Of ‘No’”

27 Sep 2013 | Under fdp | Posted by | 0 Comments

Florida Liberal Activist Slams “Whiny” State Dems’ “Ineptitude” KARTIK KRISHNAIYER OF THE FLORIDA SQUEEZE YESTERDAY   “Florida’s Democrats Have Simply Been The Party Of ‘No’ The Last Decade … Not Giving Floridians A Real Agenda …” (Kartik Krishnaiyer, “With Mark Pafford Elected, Will Democrats Abandon Accommodating Posture And Reboot Democracy Like Newt Gingrich Did?” The Florida Squeeze, 9/26/13) “Florida’s Democrats Use […]

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2006 REDUX PART V: Charlie vs. The Party Of No

| Under charlie crist, fdp | Posted by | 0 Comments

In 2006, Jim Davis And Dems Attack Crist’s Tax Cut Proposal Without Plan Of Their Own … Sound Familiar?  SEVEN YEARS AGO TODAY, JIM DAVIS AND DEMOCRATS ATTACKED CHARLIE’S TAX RECORD AND PROPOSALS, BUT OFFERED NO PLAN OF THEIR OWN … The Miami Herald: “Crist For New Tax Break, Davis Not.”  (Mary Ellen Klas, “Crist For […]

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THEY SAID IT! – “Democrats Have Offered Nothing”

26 Sep 2013 | Under fdp | Posted by | 0 Comments

Liberal Activist And Blogger Blasts Florida Democrats’ “Incompetence” When It Comes To Offering Positive Policy Agenda To Voters KARTIK KRISHNAIYER OF THE FLORIDA SQUEEZE LAST NIGHT “For Too Long The Democrats Have Offered Nothing In Opposition To The Republicans Something …” (Kartik Krishnaiyer, “House Democrats Do The Right Thing For The First Time In Years” The Florida Squeeze, 9/25/13) “The Republican […]

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24 Sep 2013 | Under fdp | Posted by | 0 Comments

Liberal Activist Confirms Florida Dems Have Nothing To Offer Voters, As Allison Tant Continues False, Desperate Attacks  LIBERAL ACTIVIST CONFIRMS FLORIDA DEMS HAVE “REPEATED FAILUES” BECAUSE THEY “ADVOCATE ALMOST NOTHING” Kartik Krishnaiyer Of The Florida Squeeze: “Democrats Wonder Why They Continue To Lose Elections For The Legislature … [M]any Know How Badly The Party Has Performed […]

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THEY SAID IT! – Florida Dems A “Failing Bank”

23 Sep 2013 | Under fdp | Posted by | 0 Comments

As House Dems Meet Tonight, What Incoming House Minority Leader Revealed About Allison Tant, Florida Democratic Party   REP. DARRYL ROUSON TO THE MIAMI HERALD TONIGHT: ”Rouson said Monday that he created the committee, a leadership fund that Rouson and other Democrats had opposed when they were created by lawmakers in 2011, because he was unsure about Tant’s leadership. […]

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THE PARTY OF NO – No Facts, No Agenda

20 Sep 2013 | Under fdp | Posted by | 0 Comments

Allison Tant’s False Attacks On Rick Scott Show That Florida Dems Are Desperate, Lack A Positive Agenda   STATEMENT FROM RPOF CHAIRMAN LENNY CURRY: “It’s typical of Allison Tant to ignore all the facts and all the history in her attempt to attack Rick Scott. Our Governor has outperformed the rest of the nation, as well […]

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19 Sep 2013 | Under fdp | Posted by | 0 Comments

At Jackson County Dems’ “Blues & Boots” BBQ Tonight, What Gwen Graham, Allison Tant And Nan Rich Will Be Dancing To AT “BLUE & BOOTS” BBQ TONIGHT, JACKSON COUNTY DEMOCRATS ENCOURAGING PEOPLE TO JOIN IN THE “ELECTRIC SLIDE,” “WOBBLE,” AND “BOOT-SCOOTING BOOGIE” (Event Item, “2013 Jackson County ‘Blues & Boots’ BBQ & Dance,” Florida Democratic Party, Accessed […]

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