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Allison Tant And Florida Democrats Release Video That Says NO To the Middle Class, Contains NO Facts, And Offers NO Positive Agenda 


STATEMENT FROM REPUBLICAN PARTY OF FLORIDA CHAIRMAN LENNY CURRY: ”Allison Tant and the Florida Democratic Party have proven to everyone that they are the party of ‘NO.’ By doubling down their attacks on Rick Scott’s $500 million tax and fee cut proposal, they are saying ‘NO’ to the middle class. Their attacks contain no facts because they cannot credibly criticize the Governor on the issues Floridians care most about: jobs, education and cost-of-living. All of this confirms what we’ve known all along: Florida Democrats have no positive agenda to share with voters, desperately opposing good policies and attacking a successful record from Governor Rick scott.”


TODAY: “[T]he Florida Democratic Party Released A Web Video, Telling Florida Voters The Real Story About Rick Scott’s Tax Tour.” (Press Release, “NEW WEB VIDEO: Florida Democratic Party Releases Web Ad On Rick Scott’s Tax Tour,” Florida Democratic Party, 9/16/13)

LAST THURSDAY: Florida Dems’ Spokesman Yesterday: “Rick Scott’s Tax Plan Will Wind Up Being Harmful To Florida Families.” (Peter Schorsch, “Joe Negron Says Scott’s Tax Plan May Require Cuts,” SaintPetersBlog, 9/12/13)

LAST MONDAY: FDP Spokesperson Announces Opposition To Tax Cuts And Claims It Would Take Funding Away From Education. “‘This is nothing more than a re-election roadshow,’ said Joshua Karp, a Florida Democratic Party spokesman. ‘He’s got a nebulous economic package that everyone knows is going to provide tax breaks for the wealthy and continue to underfund education,’ Karp added.” (John Kennedy, “Gov Scott’s ‘It’s Your Money’ Tour: Way To Get Taxpayer Input Or Early Election Campaign?” The Palm Beach Post, 9/913)


CLAIM: Florida Democratic Party’s Video Claims Rick Scott “Meeting With Corporate Donors To Figure Out A Way To Give Special Interests A $500 million Tax Giveaway.” (Press Release, “NEW WEB VIDEO: Florida Democratic Party Releases Web Ad On Rick Scott’s Tax Tour,” Florida Democratic Party, 9/16/13)

  • FACT: Rick Scott’s “It’s Your Money” Tax Cut Tour Were Public Meetings Where Floridians Shared Their Ideas On What Taxes And Fees Should Be Cut. “Gov. Rick Scott came to listen, and also tout his achievements a bit, on Tuesday morning in West Palm Beach where about 100 business leaders and a few residents gathered to tell him what taxes and fees they’d like to see chopped or eliminated. Concerns included personal property taxes, insurance costs and taxes that affect new businesses and residents. The stop was part of Scott’s tax-cut tour across the state.”(Marcia Heroux Pounds. “Palm Beach County Businesses Seek State Cuts In Commercial Lease Taxes, More Money For Startups,” The South Florida Sun-Sentinel, 9/11/13)

CLAIM: Florida Democratic Party’s Video Claims Rick Scott Is “Ignoring Our Schools, Ignoring Our Roads, Ignoring Floridians Who Need Better Health Care” As “Our Schools Suffer.” (Press Release, “NEW WEB VIDEO: Florida Democratic Party Releases Web Ad On Rick Scott’s Tax Tour,” Florida Democratic Party, 9/16/13)

  • FACT ON SCHOOLS: Governor Scott’s Budget Includes The Highest State Contribution To Florida K-12 Schools In History. ”The budget I announce tomorrow will include an increase of $1.2 billion in funding for K-12 public schools. That’s right – a $1.2 billion increase in funding for K-12 public schools. This total includes $10.7 billion in state funding for Florida K-12 schools – the highest state funding level in history. This funding commitment represents per student funding of around $6,800 – an increase of more than $400 per student, or around 6.5 percent, over the current fiscal year.” (Remarks to Associated Press, “$1.2 Billion Increase In Funding For K-12 Public Schools,” Gov. Rick Scott, 1/30/13)
  • FACT ON TRANSPORTATION: Budget Makes Strategic Transportation Improvements That “Make Good On The Governor’s Commitment To Job Creation.” Governor Rick Scott today highlighted the Florida Families First budget’s strategic investments to improve Florida’s infrastructure … Floridians for Better Transportation President Matthew D. Ubben said, ‘We applaud the Florida Legislature for advancing Governor Scott’s pro-transportation 2013-2014 budget recommendations during the recently concluded 60-day legislative session. The $9.5 billion dedicated to the transportation sector provides nearly $8.6 billion for projects throughout the state and allows the Florida Department of Transportation to make good on the Governor’s commitment to job creation.’” (Press Release, “Governor Scott: Florida Families First Budget Makes Strategic Transportation Improvements,” Office Of Governor Rick Scott, 5/20/13)
  • FACT ON HEALTH CARE: Executive Director For Florida Council On Aging Commends Rick Scott, Republican Legislature For “Elders Who Need Assistance. ”Margaret Lynn Duggar, Executive Director, Florida Council on Aging: ”The Florida Legislature and Governor Rick Scott are to be commended for addressing the needs of Florida’s frail elders who need assistance to remain in their homes. Programs like Community Care for the Elderly, the Aged and Disabled Waiver and Nursing Home Diversion provide the in-home services, like meals on wheels and assistance with bathing, that help elders be independent and safe in their homes. These additional funds are essential to help some of the nearly 50,000 seniors on the waiting list for these services.” (Press Release, Florida Families First Budget Supports Florida Seniors,” Gov. Rick Scott, 6/3/13)

CLAIM: Florida Democratic Party’s Video Claims Rick Scott Is “Deaf To The Needs Of Middle Class Floridians.” (Press Release, “NEW WEB VIDEO: Florida Democratic Party Releases Web Ad On Rick Scott’s Tax Tour,” Florida Democratic Party, 9/16/13)

  • FACT: Rick Scott’s Previous Tax Cuts Have Only Helped The Middle Class, Including Manufacturing Tax Cut This Year That Will “Provide Great Incentives To An Important Group Of Employers … Who Help Grow The Nation’s Middle Class.” ”To improve Florida’s job picture, that needs to change. Growing the manufacturing base in the Sunshine State is one way to add jobs and diversify the state’s workforce. Gov. Rick Scott champions the proposed tax cut, which would remove sales taxes on manufacturing equipment. The proposal has legislative support. In the Florida Senate, Sen. Dorothy Hukill, R-Port Orange, is sponsoring the related SB 518 … Legislators need to take the advice of Scott and Hukill, and pass this tax cut. It would provide great incentives to an important group of employers, manufacturers, who help grow the nation’s middle class.” (Editorial, “Extend Sales-Tax Relief For Florida Manufacturers,” The Daytona Beach News-Journal, 4/25/13)
  • FACT: Rick Scott Has Passed Five Major Tax Cuts In Three Legislative Sessions, Including Property Tax Cuts For Homeowners, Businesses By $210.5 Million In 2011. ”Gov. Rick Scott today signed sweeping changes to Florida’s water management districts that he says will amount to a $210.5 million property tax cut for homeowners and businesses in 2012. ‘This property tax cut allows families and businesses to use more of their hard-earned money in the way they see best, rather than having to send it to a government agency,’ he said in a statement. ‘In addition, with access to more information about their water management district’s budget, property owners will be able to hold them accountable for how every tax dollar is spent.’” (“Touting Property Tax Cuts, Gov. Rick Scott Signs Changes To Water Management Policies,” The Bradenton Herald, 6/22/11)

CLAIM: Florida Democratic Party’s Video Claims That Under Rick Scott “Our Economy Languishes.” (Press Release, “NEW WEB VIDEO: Florida Democratic Party Releases Web Ad On Rick Scott’s Tax Tour,” Florida Democratic Party, 9/16/13)

  • FACTS: Under Rick Scott, Florida Has Had The Second Largest Drop In Unemployment In The Country, Dropping From 11.1 Percent To 7.1 Percent, Five Straight Months Below The National Average And Nearly 370,000 Private Sector Jobs Created. (Bureau Of Labor Statistics, Accessed 9/16/13)


Liberal Activist Kartik Krishnaiyer Of The Florida Squeeze: “Why Is The FDP Not Concerned About Issues …? This Is A Party That Has Failed To Articulate A Positive Policy Agenda For Florida …” (Kartik Krishnaiyer, “Zest Of The Day: The Political Hurricane On Allison Tant And The FDP With TFS Analysis,”  The Florida Squeeze8/7/13)

2010 Florida Democratic Gubernatorial Nominee Alex Sink Admits Florida Democrats Have No Agreement On Messaging. “Speaking to a gathering of state representatives, [Sink] said Democrats need to improve their messaging. She called for an agreement ‘on three top line messages for a platform to be talking about like a drumbeat.’ ‘We need to share with Floridians who we are as Democrats, and why, if the Democrats are in charge in Tallahassee, their lives will be different.’ Sink said Democrats need to reach out to the business world, and tell them why Democratic priorities … would be good for them.” (Anthony Man, “Florida Democrats Converge On Hollywood For Annual Gathering,” The South Florida Sun-Sentinel, 6/15/13)